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Assalamualaikum(for muslim) and HELLO(for non-muslim) !

I'm farah. i'm 16 years-old (turning 17 on 21st jan 2018)!! I'm staying somewhere in Malaysia (not gonna tell where) so, hey, Malaysian! your friend is here! and, i'm a Muslim. 

I'm currently a Highschool student, clearly. cuz i'm 16. yes. Graduating NEXT YEAR. which kinda fun. BUT A BIG TEST IS COMING! (spm). for anyone who read this. Please raise your du'a for me to ace my exam. and achieve my dream to be a doctor, InsyaAllah. 

I'm somehow an Introvert but obviously not with my close-friend and my beloved family. 

i loveeeee kpop. trust me. it's not a crime to like/love them. also, i love kdrama. i can't live without it. last but not least, studygram. i have a study account. its motivate me a lot to study harder. and gained friends, ofc. 

let me tell you something --------- i'm an exo-l. 

that's all.
luv ya!

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